Poppy Perfect

Frequently Asked Questions

What are dating classifieds?
Dating classifieds are personal ads from singles around the world looking for their matches. The ads specify the details of the type of person and relationship the publishers of the ads are seeking. People who are interested in applying to these ads may do so easily by being a member of Poppy Perfect.
Does it cost anything to create and publish a classified ad?
No it does not cost anything to create and publish a classified ad. The ads do need to be approved by us so we recommend following the Ad Posting Guidelines while submitting a new ad.
What is "Get Found Reward"?
Get Found Reward is a cash reward offered by the publisher of a dating classified ad. The reward can be claimed by the selected applicant(s) if the publisher chooses to communicate with the applicant and exchanges at least 50 messages with the applicant
I am an advertiser. When do I need to pay for the amount listed as "Get Found Reward"?
Once your ad is active, other members on the site interested in your ad will be able to apply to your ad. You will be able to review the applications and respond to the member(s) you choose to communicate with. Everytime you start a new conversation with one of the applicants of your ad, you will be prompted to pay the amount listed as Get Found Reward in your ad. The amount you pay cannot be claimed by applicant(s) until you have exchanged 50 messages with the respective applicant.
I am an applicant. When do I receive my cash reward?
You will be able to claim the reward associated with an ad when the publisher of the ad chooses to respond to your application and exchanges 50 messages with you. The message counter in the message window used for communication will display the number of message exchanges between you and the ad publisher and will prompt you to claim the reward when available.
As an advertiser do I always have to reward the applicant that I select?
You do not have to reward the applicant if you do not exchange 50 messages with the applicant. You will have the option to withdraw your reward and end the conversation before you and the applicant have reached 50 message exchanges. Once you reach 50 message exchanges with the applicant the reward is automatically awarded to the applicant and can be claimed by the applicant. When you withdraw your reward then the reward amount is added to your balance and can be reused to start a different conversation.
What if I do not like any of the applicants and I want to withdraw my reward?
You can withdraw your reward during your conversation with any of the applicants as long as you have not exceeded 49 message exchanges with the applicant. The message counter in the message window shows the number of message exchanges along with a withdraw link that is available until the number of message exchanges is less than 50.
What do you consider as a message exchange between the advertiser and the applicant?
A message exchange counter between an advertiser of a classified ad and its applicant is incremented by 1 whenever there is a response from either side. So if one side sends multiple messages in response to a message then the counter is still increased by just 1. The next increment is recorded only when there is another response from the other side.
Can I create and publish more than one ad?
Yes you can create and publish as many ads as you want as long as they follow the Ad Posting Guidelines and are approved by our team.
How long does it take for an ad to get approved?
All the pending ads are reviewed and approved/rejected within 24 hours from the time of submission. You will be notified via email and on the site when your ad status changes.
How do you verify that the applicants are real people?
All the ad applicants have to verify their photos and their phone number using our verification methodologies. We do our best to ensure that submitted images are not doctored and sometimes request multiple verification selfies before approving an image as verified. The phone number verification is automated and from time to time we check the numbers again to ensure that they are still active. We also employ other undisclosed ways to check the authenticity of the person applying to an ad.
How do I withdraw my cash reward or my unused balance?
You can withdraw cash rewards or unused balances with a valid PayPal account. The process is automated and you can use the one time PayPal configuration wizard to link your PayPal account to your Poppy Perfect account. All the future funds are transferred to this PayPal account. PayPal transaction charges may apply during the withdrawal process.